Landscape tests 5

23 January 2018

I've decided to try to use these trees in a scene with real-world scale... And for that I picked a lovely village where I live :) 

It's not the most epic scene in the world, but I like it :) There are still some areas that need polishing. And I'm not sure about the camera angle... I want to show as much as possible (especially that river and also the big mountain in the distance), but it might be more interesting to lower the camera... not to mention that 2d trees are not working so well then the camera is above them... 

I got real height map. Unfortunately not the best resolution, but good enough I guess. 

and I places the houses exactly where they are supposed to be, based on a regular map... 

Landscape tests 4

14 January 2018

I tried to render a little animation in this scene. Really love how it makes the depth more obvious. And I haven't even used 3d volumes... 

and here are 2 amazing books that i highly recommend to anyone interested in Eyvind Earle's work (and my tiny teapot collection in the background :) )

Landscape tests 3

08 January 2018
I spent some time in a train this weekend drawing more trees and bushes on my tablet. And I put them in 3d scene today. I've decided I will finish this picture (want to add some birds, nicer fog and maybe few more details) and then create a second one, that will be more fantasy oriented.

Landscape tests 2

03 January 2018
I spent some time playing with shaders and colors today. Figured out way to improve backlighting issue on the big trees, that made them look quite messy and tried some distant haze... I got to a point where I really believe I can make something cool with this :) It will require more variety, some tweaks etc. but I can start thinking about proper scene now... 

So, here is the new version:

and here is older one:

and a little test with volumes:

Landscape tests

02 January 2018
I really want to make some Eyvind Earle inspired landscape someday. I started with few trees and bushes a did few tests... 

I'm also a big fan of Banner Saga game so I tried a little nordic scene with a ship, but want to give a it a bit more thought in future... 

Here is a test with more realistic scale of the hills... 

test with sharper shadows and more contrast in lighting

and here is more stylized island scene

early test of trees and bushes

All made with Softimage (I just love ICE so much I can't use anything else unless I really have to) and rendered with Arnold


13 December 2017
Having a blog is so nice! Thank you Artstation people :) 

Soo, here is what I love to do when I'm not making 3d stuff. I love tea so I make mostly teapots. (3 tiny 30ml teapots on the picture below)

A little video showing part of the process. I really recommend pottery to anyone who wants to relax after 10h/day of stressful cg work :)

Sometimes, I even use Surface Pro and Clip studio paint to design a teapot...

And then make it in my tiny studio...

But most of the time I simply grab a lump of clay and make whatever I feel like at the moment... 

And here are some more teapots I made... 

Hope you enjoyed that :)