Tea witch hut

Latest personal project done together with Maja-Lisa (https://www.artstation.com/artist/majalisakehlet). It was really nice to work together. She painted over my renders, designed some elements and also painted the final character. I did the 3d thing :)

Milan vasek swamp finalhd2

Final image

Milan vasek 01

Maja-Lisa painted over my render. And designed some plants :)

Milan vasek 02

test of those new assets and mist coming from Houdini (.vdb) rendered with Arnold in Softimage

Milan vasek 011

simple models of plants

Milan vasek majaa2

another paintover Maja-Lisa did

Milan vasek mosssoft

just moss... a lot of instances on particles

Milan vasek screen

whole scene in Softimage

Milan vasek swamp layers

all the passes rendered